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(Michigan Soccer Network Communications Specialist / Web and Content Editor / Director of News Dan Stickradt compiles team capsules for over 460 girls soccer programs statewide. Email pertinent information to Follow on Twitter @msn_stickradt, @LocalSportsFans, or @MiSoccerNetwork and on numerous social media platforms.)


Competing Teams – Edwardsburg, Niles, Otsego, Paw Paw, Plainwell, Sturgis, Three Rivers, Vicksburg

An asterisk* denotes the athlete may be playing Girls Academy or ECNL soccer this spring.



All varsity girls soccer rosters in Michigan can be emailed to


SCHOOL: Edwardsburg

HEAD COACH: Sean Jesse

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 8-9-2, 3-3-1 Wolverine Conference (fourth)  

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Niles (3-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Stevensville-Lakeshore (8-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Madison Ahem, sr. D (All-League Second Team); Ella Bingham, sr. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Chloe Baker, sr. F; Tori Cole, jr. CB; no other players specified.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: No other players specified.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Shaylin Tinkham, soph. M/F; no other players specified.

ROSTER: No list submitted.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Last season the Eddies were outscored 52-46 with six shutouts while being blanked six times as part of an 8-win season. Can Edwardsburg improve upon those numbers in 2024? Through April 15 the Eddies were just 0-2-0, giving up 12 goals while scoring none. Not a fair barometer considering most of its season is forthcoming.



HEAD COACH: Jaycee Myer

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 6-10-0, 1-6-0 Wolverine Conference (seventh)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Edwardsburg (3-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Nyla Hover, soph. (All-League Honorable Mention); Mattigan Riggenbach, soph. M (All-League Second Team); Kayla Slater, jr. D; Anana Vasquez, jr. F; Elayna Balderas, jr. M

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Elizabeth Bradley, soph. F; Amelia Florkowski, sr. F; Alexis Garlanger, jr.; Morgan Hopper, soph.; Anna Kennedy, sr.; Gabrielle Knight, soph.; Meadow McFadden, jr.; Kelsea Slater, jr.; Taya young, soph.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Abigail Devles-Howard, fr.; Claire Devles-Howard, fr.; Rylee Grishhaber, soph.; Kaydence Jacobs, jr.; Elaine Murphy, sr.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Judging by the numbers, Niles ventured through a rebuilding season in 2023. The Vikings were outscored 54-27 and shut out 10 times against only two shutouts as a team. There is reason for optimism as Niles is off to a 4-1-0 start through April 15 and only two wins shy of last year’s totals. The Vikings own a 23-7 scoring advantage with on e shutout so far in 2024, perhaps signaling better things to come at Niles.  


SCHOOL: Otsego

HEAD COACH: Levi Butcher

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 9-9-1, 5-2-0 Wolverine Conference (third)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Paw Paw (2-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Plainwell (6-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Avery Davis, sr. G (All-League Second Tea; All-State Honorable Mention); Olivia Timmons, jr. M (All-League Second Team); Hayley Dennany, sr., M; Alexis Gross, sr. D; Grace Gerst, sr. D; Kaylin Proctor, sr. D; Allie Proctor, soph. M/F

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Addison Milheim, sr. M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Teeny Taylor, fr. F; Maddie Ragan, fr. D; Alivia Kuiper, fr. D/M; Makenna Leonard, fr. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: After reaching the D-2 regional finals in 2022, Otsego appears to be back on the mend after a 9-9-1 season. The Bulldogs held a narrow 39-37 scoring edge while posting seven shutouts and being shut out seven times. Otsego is off to a much better pace this season, standing at 4-1-0 through April 14 with a 17-6 scoring difference. Expect Otsego to be one of the better teams in the Wolverine Conference.




HEAD COACH: Jose Patino

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 6-7-2, 2-3-2 Wolverine Conference (fifth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Otsego (2-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Jersie Yarbrough, jr. D (All-League First Team); Rowan Parker, sr. G (All-League Honorable Mention); Jillian Fulcher, jr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Anya Butler, sr. D; Ashley Harms, sr. D; Maria Penhoat, sr. D; Maya Leonard, sr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Leah Graves, soph. F; Makenna Crafts, jr. F; Megan Cox, jr. D/F; Isabella McCrossin, soph. M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Olivia Parnaby, fr. M; Victoria Lopez, fr. M/F.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Last season Paw Paw didn’t boast an all-star offensive attack, yet the Red Wolves didn’t concede much either. Paw Paw outscored its opposition 32-25 with six shutouts on the campaign. Can the Red Wolves bolster that offense this season while still fielding a stout defense? If they do than an improvement over six wins is quite possible.


SCHOOL: Plainwell

HEAD COACH: Garry Snyder

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 18-3-3, 7-0-0 Wolverine Conference (first)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. St. Joseph (5-0); def. Otsego (6-0); def. Stevensville-Lakeshore (3-0, district finals); Middleville Thornapple-Kellogg (1-0, 2OT, regional semifinals; def. Pinckney (6-1, regional finals); lost in D-2 state semifinals to East Grand Rapids (2-1)

RETURNING STARTERS: Kayla Baar, sr. F (All-State First Team; All-League First Team); Brooklyn Timpe, sr. M (All-League Honorable Mention)

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Emily Stoeffler, sr. M (injured); Evalyn Alward, sr. M; Sadie Boven, jr. M; Cayden Henckel, sr. D; Alayna Eldred, soph. F; Lily Hendershott, soph. D; Shea Hodapp, soph. D; Anna Schierbeek, soph. D/M; Emma Taylor, soph. M; Alyssa Weldon, soph. D/M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Rosalinda Bazil, soph.; Catalina Buchino, jr.; McKenzie Meert, soph.; Avari Merica, jr.; Brynn Merica, jr.; Ava Meyers, jr. Ella Petik, fr. Morgan Rayman, jr.; Caitlyn Ridgway, fr.; Emma Schmidt, jr.; Trisha Shuck, jr.; Emma Taggett, jr.; Lilian Warnez, jr.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Plainwell reached the Final Four for the 11th time in school history, winning district and regional titles preceded by a perfect 7-0-0 mark in the Wolverine Conference. Plainwell outscored its 24 foes 85-11 with an explosive offense while posting 15 shutouts. The Tigers are shooting for a 10th straight conference crown although the team lost three all-staters and seven of nine players on the all-conference list. It is a rebuilding period and a grand opportunity for younger players to prove their worth. Following a 4-0 shutout by D-1 top-ranked Hudsonville, Plainwell is 3-1-1 through April 15 with a 16-5 scoring edge and three shutouts.


SCHOOL: Sturgis

HEAD COACH: Jesus Hernandez

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 0-15-0, 0-7-0 Wolverine Conference (eighth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Battle Creek Harper Creek (8-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Solana Gonzales, sr. D (All-League Honorable Mention); no other players specified.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Danyle Maldonado, soph. M/D; Sophia Garcia-Rubio, soph. M/D; Miley Holden, soph. D; Caroline Hughes, jr. M/F; Melody Luna, soph. M; Layla Maracle, jr. F; Anallely Oropeza, jr. M; Yareli Oropeza, soph. D/F

KEY NEWCOMERS: Aymee Reyes, fr. M/D; Emma Perez, fr. M/F; Haleigh Kelley, soph. F; Kylie Rose, soph. G; Lola Barkby, jr. G; Macy Hopkins, jr. M/F; Nancy Camacho, sr. D; Paula Linde, jr. M; Pai Schmidt, soph. D

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: While Sturgis’ boys soccer team posted one of its best seasons in school history in 2023, the Trojans girls soccer team is trying to forget the recent past. A year ago, Sturgis was held winless and outscored 122-4 overall. A handful of players opted not to return after last year’s struggles. With eight sophomores and two freshmen on varsity this season and nine new players, the rebuild is expected to at least carry on for the rest of the year. The Trojans started the year 0-5-1.


SCHOOL: Three Rivers

HEAD COACH: Travis Shubnell, seventh season

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 12-7-2, 2-4-1 Wolverine Conference (sixth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Parchment (9-1); def. Dowagiac (5-1); def. Berrien Springs (9-2, district finals); lost in D-2 regional semifinals to Hudsonville Unity Christian (8-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Paige McDonald, jr. F (All-League Honorable Mention; All-State Honorable Mention); Tori Thorbjornsen, jr. F/M (All-League, All-State Honorable Mention); Paige McDonald, jr. F; Isabel Jacobs, sr. M; Olivia Hall, sr. D; Savannah Morrill, jr. M; Amaria Currier, soph. G; Kenna Cottingham, sr. D/M; Eliana Price, sr. D

KEY NEWCOMERS: Natalie McGahan, fr. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Three Rivers closed last season with a 6-2-0 stretch and that includes a rare district championship (third) before bowing out to eventual D-3 state champion Hudsonville Unity Christian in the regional semifinals. The Wildcats also had a 4-1 start before fading in the middle of the campaign only to right the ship and make a run. Last year’s total included 68 goals against yielding 50 goals while posting seven shutouts. Through April 14, Three Rivers is only 1-1-0 but the Wildcats are expected to finish in the top tier of the conference this season with an experienced bunch.


SCHOOL: Vicksburg

HEAD COACH: Lahou Boulnemour

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 12-9-0, 6-1-0 Wolverine conference (second)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Charlotte (8-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Battle Creek Harper Creek (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Madison Ames, sr. M/F (fourth-year starter; All-League First Team); Kendra Colley, jr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Hannah DeVries, jr. M (Team MVP, All-League First Tea; All-District); Isabella Hillard, sr. M (All-District); Peyton Hoopingarner, sr. M; Eleanor Lincoln, soph. F (All-League Second Team; All-District); Emily Ouding, sr. D; Ella Rohrstaff, jr. F/M (two-time All-League First Team; All-District); Hailey Zugar, jr. D; Audra Krueger, jr. G

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Emelyn Germay, soph.; Alyssa Metelka, jr.; Kelssie Tuiner, soph.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Macy Courtney, fr.; Livia Kline, fr.; Evalyn Lincoln, fr.; Madison Rohrstaff, fr.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Vicksburg has an explosive offense with many of those key players back in 2024. The Bulldogs outscored its opposition 78-44, simply outscoring many of its foes while posting eight shutouts and being shut out five times.  So far this season through April 14, Vicksburg is 3-2-1 overall with one clean sheet but again has outscored the opposition 21-11, flexing its offensive prowess time and time again. This could be the Bulldogs best season since spending time in the top five way back in 1996.






Samantha Stewart, Edwardsburg

Jersie Yarbrough, Paw Paw

Berlynn Conley, Plainwell

Nikki Faupel, Plainwell

Renae Jaeger, Plainwell

Gaby Zugel, Plainwell

Ella Rohrstaff, Vicksburg

Sophie Saunders, Otsego

Kayla Baar, Plainwell

Catelyn Engel, Plainwell

Eliza Harris, Plainwell

Laken Whittington, Plainwell

Hannah Devries, Vicksburg


Madison Ahem, Edwardsburg

Avery Davis, Otsego

Alexis Gross, Otsego

Olivia Timmons, Otsego

Taylor Macias, Paw Paw

Rylee Crabtree, Vicksburg

Ella Lincoln, Vicksburg

Mary Saylor, Niles

Grace Gerst, Otsego

Addison Milhiem, Otsego

Katelyn Gasper, Paw Paw

Summer Morrill, Three Rivers

Bella Hillard, Vicksburg


Ella Brigham, Edwardsburg

Jenna Stowasser, Edwardsburg

Matigan Riggenbach, Niles

Kaylin Proctor, Otsego

Rowan Parker, Paw Paw

Solana Gonzalez, Sturgis

Paige McDonald, Three Rivers

Madison Ames, Vicksburg

Hannah Lamphier, Edwarsburg

Nyla Hover, Niles

Allie Proctor, Otsego

Jillian Fulcher, Paw Paw

Brook Timpe, Plainwell

Kirsten Hesse, Sturgis

Alyx Wheat, Three Rivers

Kendra Cooley, Vicksburg

Coach of the Year: 

Garry Snyder, Plainwell


FINAL STANDINGS – 1. Plainwell (7-0-0); 2. Vickburg (6-1-0); 3. Otsego (5-2-0); 4. Edwardsburg (3-3-1); 5. Paw Paw (2-3-2); 6. Three Rivers (2-4-1); 7. Niles (1-6-0); 8. Sturgis (0-7-0)

(MSN will compile a random sampling of game results from around the state each day. To send in results from high school varsity, club, amateur, pre-pro, semi-pro or professional soccer, email all pertinent details to Communications Specialist / Web and Content Editor / Director of News Dan Stickradt at

(Have a story suggestion for the Premier Media Group and the Michigan Soccer Network regarding club soccer, high school varsity, amateur soccer, collegiate soccer or professional soccer of teams or players with Michigan ties, contact Communications Specialist/Web and Content Editor/Director of News Dan Stickradt via email at, or call 248-884-1051. Dan Stickradt is a 31-year veteran of the Michigan Media circles and recently joined the staff full time in March of 2024. Want to schedule a broadcast game or live show, contact PMG/MSN Director of Broadcasting Jonathan Turner for availability and pricing at 


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