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Monday September 10TH, 2023

Every week the MIHSSCA rankings are released on Sundays LIVE on the Michigan Soccer Network Youtube channel at 8 PM.

In week 4 we save 53 changes in total in all four divisions. We only saw one NEW #1 this week in Division 2 as Richland Gull Lake now holds that spot. We only saw a total of six teams come in and six teams come out this week in total. In division 4 #15 Battle Creek academy (8-2-0) hopped into the rankings for the first time this season.


The Only division that all teams remained the same in the Top 15 and just shuffled around. #5 East Kentwood moved up from number six last week to the Top 5 this week. The biggest change was previously ranked #2 Northville dropped 11 places to number thirteen.


Clarkston High School REMAINS #1 for the 2nd consecutive week

East Kentwood makes it in to the TOP 5

NO teams IN or OUT this week

Total Changes: 14


This week saw a total of 14 changes in total with two teams in and two teams out. Richland Gull Lake takes over the #1 spot this week after #4 Grand Rapids Forest Hills Central lost to #2 Grand Rapids Christian last week 3-0. The Top five teams remain the same, but shuffle around.


Top 5 remain in the Top 5

2 Teams in and 2 teams out

Total Changes: 14


This week Division Three saw 14 changes. One new teams came in and 1 out. Hudsoville Unity Christian remains the #1 team in division three. #15 Wyoming Godwin Heights (5-0-0) is now in the Top 15. The biggest change was previously ranked #7 Holland dropped to #14.

Top 4 remain the same

No new teams in or out

Total Changes: 14


This week Division Four saw 11 changes overall, but Grosse Pointe University Liggett and West Michigan Christian stay at #1 and #2 for the second consecrative week. Division Four also saw Bangor #14 Kalamazoo Hackett and #15 Battle Creek Academy previously unranked get into the rankings.

Top 2 remain the same

2 New teams and 2 teams out

Total Changes: 11

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