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(Michigan Soccer Network Communications Specialist / Web and Content Editor / Director of News Dan Stickradt is compiling team capsules for over 460 girls soccer programs statewide.

Competing Teams – Bay City Central, Bay City Western, Davison, Flint Carman-Ainsworth, Flint Powers Catholic, Lapeer, Midland, Midland Dow, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw Heritage, Saginaw United


Competing Teams In Southwestern Michigan Athletic Conference: Battle Creek Central, Battle Creek Lakeview, Kalamazoo Central, Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix, Mattawan, Portage Central, Portage Northern, Richland Gull Lake, St. Joseph, Stevensville Lakeshore



Roster Call

The Michigan Soccer Network is collecting varsity girls soccer rosters for over 460 schools state-wide. Copies can be emailed to


SCHOOL: Battle Creek Central

HEAD COACH: Ofelia Rangel

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 4-14-0, 0-9-0 SWMAC (10th)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-1 pre-districts to Battle Creek Lakeview (9-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Diane Hurtado, sr. D/M (All-League Honorable Mention); Rebecca Nai Mawi, jr. D; Masiya Johnson, jr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Blanca Sanchez, soph. M; Annalaya Segovia-Mejia, fr. F; Promise Fisher, fr. F

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: The Bears have struggled in soccer in recent years as a city school in a suburban conference. Battle Creek Central’s opponents have far more club soccer players than the Bears and it often shows. This year there are three quality returning starters and a host of promising freshmen and sophomores that could help this program gain better results in the future in the SWMAC, which is known to be one of the more competitive conferences in the state for soccer.


SCHOOL: Battle Creek Lakeview

HEAD COACH: Jason Little, first season

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 10-6-3, 4-5-2 SWMAC (sixth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Battle Creek Central (9-0); lost in district semifinals to Portage Central (2-1)

RETURNING STARTERS: Lilamae Frank, soph. F (All-League Honorable Mention); Scarlett Miller, sr. D; Leah Olivarri, soph. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Sophia Thawngmung, sr. F/D (All-League First Team)

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Danayah Williams, soph. D/M; Jessica Liniger, soph. D; Natalie Fourn, jr. M; Rylee Wiggins, sr. D; Leanna Manuel, sr. D/M

KEY NEWCOMERS: No list submitted.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Lakeview has become much more competitive in the last decade and that should continue this season. The Spartans have a mix of experience and youth as they will try to improve upon their sixth-place finish in the SWMAC last season.


SCHOOL: Kalamazoo Central

HEAD COACH: Samir Sandhu

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 5-11-2, 2-7-1 SWMAC (ninth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-1 pre-districts to Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix (2-1, 2OT)

RETURNING STARTERS: Olivia Leslie, jr. CB (All-League Honorable Mention); Isabella Frederick, jr. (All-League Honorable Mention); Ryann Gunderson, jr. D; Maggie Gajewski, jr. D/F; Bridgette Andrzejewski, jr. F Natalie Velten, jr. D/M

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Lila Darwiche, jr.; Camille Mischen, jr.; Lexi Kowalski, soph.; Calliope Urness, soph. CB; Sidney Mack, sr. F/M; Brynn Routhier, jr. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Olivia Pauls, fr.; Brooklyn Bacalia, soph.; Aubri Robinson, fr.; Evelynn Pauls, soph.; Maitreya Carroll, soph.; Olivia Wesley, jr. M/F

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: There is a major youth movement for the Maroons this season, as two freshmen and five sophomores made the varsity cut this season. How quickly this unit gels with the small band of returnees and adapts to the speed of the varsity game will be a big tell of how Kalamazoo Central will fare this season. It may be a heavy dose of baptism under fire or Kalamazoo Central could be a surprise.


SCHOOL: Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix

HEAD COACH: Scott Forrester

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 9-8-3, 4-5-2 SWMAC (seventh)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Kalamazoo Central (2-1, 2OT); lost D-1 district semifinals to Mattawan (3-1)

RETURNING STARTERS: Ahlycea Leake, sr. D (All-League First Team); Cameron Miller, sr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Ella Stangl, sr. G; Madeline Chappa, soph. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Anna Courtney, jr. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Zelda Molitor, jr. D (All-League First Team); Anna Miederma, jr. M; Molly Locke, jr. D

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Mayalena Alvarez, sr.; Anna Courtney, jr.; Eloise Dunfee, jr.; Isabella Essink, sr.; Morgan Hall, jr.; Erica Holtz, jr.; Isabella Johnson, jr.; Mary Locke, jr.; Lily Longtin, jr.; Ashley Lopez, jr.; Yadira Medina, jr.; Jeni Mendez, jr.; Anna Miedema, jr.; Natalie Morata, sr.; Stephanie Reyes-Soto, sr.; Jazmin Reyes-Amijo, sr.; Sienna Thompson, sr.

KEY NEWCOMERS: No list submitted.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Veteran high school and club coach Scott Forrester took over this program just a few years ago and has helped this team become more competitive and consistent in a deep conference. There is a solid core returning that should help the Knights fight for a top-half finish in the conference.


SCHOOL: Mattawan

HEAD COACH: Ann Polnicki

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 12-5-1, 8-2-1 SWMAC (first)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Portage Northern (4-3, 2OT, SO); def. Kalamazoo Loy-Norrix (3-1); lost in D-1 district finals to Portage Central (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Cassidy Parmalee, soph. F/M (All-League Honorable Mention); Ella Hanley, jr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Amara Torrey, soph. G (All-League Honorable Mention); Emma Glenn, jr. D; Ava White, jr. M/F.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Elise Bibart, jr. G; Courtney Cutler, jr. F; Molly Grassl, jr. D; Ella Hanley, jr. M; Madeline Schneider, sr. D; Kearsten Schultz, jr. D/M; Savannha Waterlander, soph. M/F; Addison Barnes, jr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Anna Hoogerheide, fr. M/F; Emma Glenn, jr. D; Camryn Hindman, jr. d; Payton Holt, soph. M/F; Abigail Longman, soph. M; Zara Pirbhai, jr. M/D; Katie Salvatore, soph. D; Isabella Schippers, soph. D; Helena Schoenherr, jr. M; Ella Stahr, soph. M/F.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: With a solid senior class, Mattawan broke through and captured the SWMAC title outright. If the Wildcats are to repeat or at least contend again this year, five All-League and two All-State players graduated and left a void. If a few of the newbies or reserves from last season can step up, then this side will be competitive once again. The program does have three players back that earned honorable-mention status on the All-SWMAC team including Amara Torrey who is a star in the making between the pipes.


SCHOOL: Portage Central

HEAD COACH: Tim Halloran

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 15-3-3, 8-1-2 SWMAC (second)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Battle Creek Lakeview (2-1); def. Mattawan (1-0, district finals); def. Midland (1-0, 2OT, SO, regional semifinals); lost in D-1 regional finals to Hudsonville (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Mia Hesley, sr. CB (All-League First Team; All-State Honorable Mention); Alana Simmons, sr. D; Maddie Crowley, sr. F (All-League Honorable Mention; All-District); Alli Rearick, jr. G !90 shutouts, 0.67 GAA; Katie McLaughlin, jr. M (All-League Honorable Mention, All-District); Emma Sanborn, sr. F/M (All-League Honorable Mention); Elise Martinson, sr. M/F

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Elise Dimick, sr. M; Lauren Tooley, jr. M; Anna Pellegrini, jr. F; Kyra Gardner, jr. F; Madison Cutler, jr. F; Marissa Talbott, sr. D; Mallory Semelbauer, sr. D; Kaeli Mason, jr. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Kaitlyn Lam, fr. M/F; Delaney Oreilly, soph. M; Sophia Sanborn, soph. D; Claire Pierce, soph. M; Jillian Mills, fr. D; Kate Bumgarner, jr. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Only one team, Mattawan, managed to muster more than one goal on the Mustangs’ stout defense last year (a 3-2 Portage Central win) and the team posted 10 shutouts in 21 games. The Mustangs only conceded 14 goals all season, good for a team goals-against-average of 0.67. One of the state’s better defenses will be strong again, as Portage Central will again be one of the top teams in the state g in Division 1 and overall. The team reached the regional finals (Elite Eight) in the Division 1 tournament. Could this be the year that the Mustangs break the 15-year hex and make it back to the state finals. The last time they did so was 2009 and it ended with a 3-2 overtime victory over Utica Eisenhower. This team is not loaded with D-I college prospects, but there is great balance and depth and with a sterling defense this team will be a tough match at anytime of the season and the Mustangs will be a team no one wants to play deep in the postseason.


SCHOOL: Portage Northern

HEAD COACH: Justin Rhodes

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 5-12-3, 2-7-2 SWMAC (eighth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-1 pre-district to Mattawan (4-3, 2OT, SO)

RETURNING STARTERS: Daphnee Plante, sr. D/F (All-League); Abigail Reisterer, sr. D; Addison Tanis, soph. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Emersyn Alban, soph. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Nora Kucinski, sr. D (All-League)

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Addy Freeman, jr. M; Bryn Munson, jr. D/M; Dannica McCue, sr. F/M; Elizabeth Lewis, jr. D; Hannah Stimson, jr. D; Kyla Metzler, jr. D; Marley Onken, jr. D; Nena Kucinski, soph. F; Sara Ahola, jr. M; Sara Lassila, soph. F; Ava Storteboom, jr. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Avery Barney, soph. F; Cecylia Dorow, sr. D; Maryn Falk, soph. G; Mauriel Seeberger, fr. F; Rory Morrison, soph. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: The Huskies only lost four players to graduation from a team that lost six one-goal games. Northern was outscored 38-29 last season playing a tough schedule, so scoring goals should be a focal point for this side. With a majority of the roster intact and much improved, could the Huskies be a team to climb up a few notches in the conference and maybe wreck someone’s season in the state tournament?


SCHOOL: Richland Gull Lake

HEAD COACH: Jeff Corstange

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 12-6-1, 6-4-1 SWMAC (fifth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Coldwater (4-0); def. Marshall (2-1); def. Battle Creek Harper Creek (6-0, district finals); lost in D-2 regional semifinals to Pinckney (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Lilah Smith, jr. D/M (All-State First Team; All-League; committed to NCAA Division Toledo); Taygan Corstange, jr. F (All-League; All-State Honorable Mention; committed to NCAA Division I Wright State for volleyball); Maggie Westra, sr. M; Kendall Wank, sr. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Bella Carr, soph. G (All-League);

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Charlye Reiner, soph. M; Madielyn Smith, jr. M.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Ali Bates, soph. F; Maya Murphy, soph. M; Kenadie Schumann, fr. D; Tessa Cothron, fr. F; Caroline Clancy, fr. F; Kamryn Kruger, soph. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Even in a slight down year, the Blue Devils still finished third in the overall league standings and captured a D-2 district championship. The team posted quality numbers, outscoring the opposition 62-20 with nine shutouts, but were a victim of a tough schedule, too. There’s every reason that Gull Lake will be a contender for league and district titles this year with a talented returning cast and a very good lot of newcomers that should make an impact. Jeff Corstange, who previously coached the Gull Lake girls soccer program and also coaches the boys soccer program the last couple of years at the school, is back on the sidelines. He led the Blue Devils to three straight D-2 state crowns from 2013-15. … “I am really looking forward to coming back into coaching girls soccer. We are going to be really young, but we will have experienced players on this team as they have played in some big games last season. We will look to grow from what they learned from that especially playing in the SMAC Conference as it will be a grind every game against some great competition. Also, I wanted to get a really tough non-conference schedule this year and when you look at our schedule top to bottom you will realize we will be ready for a postseason run,” said coach Jeff Corstange.


SCHOOL: St. Joseph

HEAD COACH: Chris Froehlich

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 10-4-3, 5-2-3 SWMAC (third)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Plainwell (5-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Clara Berry, sr. G (All-League); Jade Murdoch, sr. M (All-League); Beatrice Lapekas, soph. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Meghan Meier, sr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); Anna Humes, sr. M; Keira Page-Wood, sr. F; Charly Shell, jr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Megan Painter, jr. M; Ava Rommel, jr. M; Sally Shelby, soph. F; Jillian Conybeare, soph. D; Peyton Porter, sr. M/F; Charlotte Steel, soph. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Ella Dykstra, sr. M/F (played club ball the last three years; signed with NCAA Division I University of Kentucky; former U.S. Youth National Team player); Kaitlyn Harris, jr. M; Olivia Harris, jr. G; Rylynn Hein, jr. M; Ava Mancini, soph. M; Ava Panicucci, jr.; Alana Razor, soph. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Nine players graduated, but St. Joseph returns seven starters and four who earned some type of All-SWMAC recognition. The biggest arrival is senior Ella Dykstra, a former U. S Youth National Team player who has spent the last several years competing for Midwest United ECNL club team and opted to play high school her senior year. She’s headed to Kentucky and gives the Bears a dynamic scorer and playmaker who will make an impact. This is a team that should contend with the likes of Portage Central, Mattawan, Richland-Gull Lake, Battle Creek Lakeview and others in this deep league.


SCHOOL: Stevensville-Lakeshore

HEAD COACH: Brian Samuel

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD/ FINISH: 10-4-2, 6-3-2 SWMAC (fourth)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Edwardsburg (8-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Plainwell (3-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Emily Lockman, jr. F (All-League; All-State Honorable Mention); Preslee Perkins, jr. F/M (All-League); Abby Hoss, sr. D (All-League honorable Mention); Megan Wurster, jr. M (All-League Honorable Mention); McKenna Keim, sr. M; Jennah White, jr. D

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Hannah Reusser, soph. M; no additional list submitted.

KEY NEWCOMERS: No list submitted.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Although standouts Isabella Ceru and Olivia Baker departed via graduation to the collegiate ranks, the Lancers should be a team that will compete in the top half of this league and perhaps even for a district title.


(MSN will compile a random sampling of game results from around the state each day. To send in results from high school varsity, club, amateur, pre-pro, semi-pro or professional soccer, email all pertinent details to Communications Specialist / Web and Content Editor / Director of News Dan Stickradt at

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