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Updated: Apr 15


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(Michigan Soccer Network Communications Specialist / Web and Content Editor / Director of News Dan Stickradt is compiling team capsules for over 460 girls soccer programs statewide. Email pertinent information to Follow on Twitter @msn_stickradt, @LocalSportsFans, or @MiSoccerNetwork and on numerous social media platforms.)

Competing Schools – Clio, Corunna, Fenton, Flint Kearsley, Flushing, Goodrich, Holly, Lake Fenton, Linden, Ortonville Brandon, Owosso, Swartz Creek


Roster Call

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HEAD COACH: Ryan Wilkinson, first season

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 1-16-0, 1-10-0 Flint Metro League (tied-10th, three points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Fenton (6-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Autumn Wilkinson, soph. F (All-League Third Team); Madison Bartholomew, sr. D (All-League Honorable Mention); Mackenzie LaFreniere, jr.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Kaylon Bascore, sr.; Courtney Hadaway, jr.; Alexandria Phillipos, sr.; Miranda Sullivan, jr.; Arylonna Urmetz, sr.; Lindsy Nash, soph.; Sofia Best, sr.; Madison Pontisso, sr.; Braelyn Learst, soph.; Skyleigh Hatt, jr.; Julianne Ehrhard, sr.; Katherine Boczar, soph.; Braylynn Bechtel, soph.; Kendall Williams, sr.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Raeana Buchanan, fr.; Kierstyn Garza, fr.; Macie Probst, fr.; Marissa Bierlein, fr.;

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Much like Corunna and Owosso, Clio would very much reverse the trend do last season. The Tigers finished in a three-way tie for 10th in the FML and had just one win. Considering the team only scored just five goals last season, any type of improvement is a welcome commodity. There is help on the way with a sudden infusion of youth movement as four freshmen arrive to help right the ship. Two years ago the Tigers finished 15-5-1 and reached the district finals while they finished 13-8-1 and won a district crown. The Clio faithful hope that last year’s major rebuilding year was just a quick blip on the radar.


SCHOOL: Corunna

HEAD COACH: Kyle Gregoricka

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 2-16-1, 1-10-0 Flint Metro League (tied-10th, three points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Durand (4-1)

RETURNING STARTERS: Emma Holmes, sr. D (All-League Third Team); Olivia Karanja, jr. F/M; Jorja Napier, sr. M

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Abbey Boles, soph.; Lexi Golab, jr.; Ashlynn Fletcher, soph.; Madison Propes, sr.; Katelyn Kennedy, jr.; Regan Manausa, jr.; Lily Staubs, soph.; Sadie Kellogg, jr.; Kaylin Robertson, sr.; Olivia Karanja, sr.; Emma Holmes, sr.; Marlee Princinsky, soph.; Hailee Betts, sr.; Katelynn Braun, soph.; Addison Baker, soph.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Bella Schu, fr.; Anna Dodak, fr.; Alex Granville, sr.; Danni Rivett, fr.; Marina Perdue, fr.; Emma Sidel, fr.; Marta Marriffino, sr. (exchange student);

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Last season’s rebuilding campaign has been followed up with a 0-5-0 start in 2024. Realistically, Corunna and neighbor Owosso don’t always inherit a bevy of club players like many programs in the state and even in the FML. Unfortunately for the Cavaliers it sometimes shows on the pitch during certain seasons. This team is young, too, with five sophomores and five freshmen on the roster and 14 non-seniors.


SCHOOL: Fenton

HEAD COACH: Jose Melero, third season

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 8-10-1, 7-4-0 Flint Metro League (fifth, 21 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Clio (6-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Linden (3-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Bailey Britton, Fenton soph. M (All-League Third Team); Maddie Sheffield, jr. M; Lilah Moore, soph. G; Jensen O’Brien, sr. G; Addison Milles, jr. M; Brielle Roberts, jr.; Olivia Trosen, jr. M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Lauren Chapple, soph. M/L (ACL injury; may not be back before the end of the season); Lydia Klemish.


NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: One of the top teams in the FML the last 25 years, Fenton ventured through a rare rebuilding campaign in 2024. The team has 28 players on varsity but is still somewhat unproven overall. The results were all over the map last year, as the Tigers had six shutouts but were outscored 43-35 overall. Fenton will need to generate more offense this year while shoring up the defensive unit in front of two quality goalkeepers. Finishing fifth was the first time in recent memory that the Tigers did not finish in the top third of the FML.


SCHOOL: Flint Kearsley

HEAD COACH: Jesus Martinez

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 8-8-1, 3-7-1 Flint Metro League (ninth, 10 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Flint Carman-Ainsworth (10-1); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Lake Fenton (5-2)

RETURNING STARTERS: Maraya Dell, jr. F/D (All-League Third Team); Amelia Sporman, soph. M; Sarah Chambers, soph. F

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: No list submitted.

KEY NEWCOMERS: No list submitted.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Finishing at the five-hundred mark last season, the Hornets hope to enjoy more success this season. Kearsley outscored its foes 59-48 last season with five shutouts but were outscored 29-2 against the top four teams in the league.


SCHOOL: Flushing

HEAD COACH: Bob Peterson

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 13-5-1, 10-1-0 Flint Metro League (second, 30 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Davison (1-0); lost in D-1 district semifinals to Grand Blanc (4-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Alexis Woodbeck, jr. M; Brook Hulbert, jr. D; Tessa Slogar, jr. D/M All-League Second Team); Samantha Youmans, sr. F (All-State Honorable Mention; All-League First Team); Reagan McBride, sr. D; Macy Fotenakes, sr. M (All-League Second Team); Karstyn Farnsworth, sr. G; Aby Burnash, sr. D/M (All-League First Team); Kayla Rousseau, soph. F; Olivia Allinger, sr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Anna Hough, jr. D; Jaelynn Prier, jr. M; Mel Youmans, soph. D; Ellie Fotenakes, soph. M; Megan Oginsky, sr. D; Isabella Amundsen, soph. M; Addison Byers, sr. M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Elaney Groulx, fr. M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: With a solid group returning, Flushing figures to definitely be in the FML title chase this season after finishing second to Linden a year ago. The Raiders pitched nine clean sheets last season and outscored the opposition 64-27, although 14 of those goals allowed came in the first two games of the season. The Raiders righted the ship after that point. Flushing started the 2024 season 2-0-1 and already blanked defending FML Champion Linden (3-0) while tying defending Saginaw Valley League champ Midland Dow (1-1) after losing 9-1  to the Chargers last year.


SCHOOL: Goodrich

HEAD COACH: Joshua Back, third season

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 13-7-1, 8-2-1 Flint Metro League (tied-third, 25 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Holly (5-0); def. Orchard Lake St. Mary’s (2-1, district finals); lost in D-2 regional semifinals to St. Clair (4-1).

RETURNING STARTERS: Clare Kowalczyk, Goodrich sr. D (All-League First Team); Addyson West, jr. F/M

(All-League Second Team); Izzy Bartlett, Goodrich sr. F/G (All-League Third Team; signed with Aquinas College); Lucy Rafferty, jr. CM; Maddy West, jr. F/M; Ana Perry, jr. F; Ella Place, jr. F; Maggie Francis, soph. M/F; Kaylee Eichoff, soph. CB; McKenna Stockwell, sr. D.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Kamryn Louinger, jr. M; Lily May, soph. M; Jenna Stockwell, soph. D/M; McKenzie Cabala, sr. D; Noa Berry, soph. D.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Cate Abraham, fr. M; Baylor Lauinger, fr. M; Olivia Millerd, fr. M.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Coming off just its second district title in 2023, Goodrich returns nine starters and depth and welcomes in a quality freshman class. What that equation spells is the Martians hope to zap the rest of the FML field and claim a conference crown this year and advance further in the state tournament than any team in school history. The pieces of the puzzle are here.




HEAD COACH: Eric Ransom, second season.

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 8-8-2, 4-6-1 Flint Metro League (eighth, 13 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Ortonville Brandon (2-0); lost in D-2 district semifinals to Goodrich (5-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Abbie Hill, Holly jr. D/M (All-League Second Team); Aina Trave, jr. D/F; Ashley Sobczynski, jr. M

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Alexa Gagnon, soph. M/F; Ambrielle Hoffman, jr. M/F; Ela Knight, soph. M/F; Emily Greering, soph. D; Evelin Spiece, soph. G/D; Gabrielle Sornson, jr. M; Grace Kubiak, jr. G; Jessica Booher, jr. M/F; Joslyn Van Tassel, jr. F/M; Lauren Henry, sr. F; Layla Barnes, jr. D; Mya Nagelkirk, soph. D; Naomi Svenkesen, soph. D/M; Piper MacConaghy, soph. D; Rubie Robinette, soph. D; Samantha Frost, jr. D; Shayne Allen, jr. D; Sophia Cirino, jr. D/F; Alexis Lindley, jr. M; Jenna Hudson, soph. F.

KEY NEWCOMERS: No list provided.

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Holly returns a bulk of its roster and hopes to move up a few spots in the FML standings, where the Bronchos were eighth last season. Holly started the season 2-1-1 with a 12-4 scoring edge. This could mean that the Bronchos could be one of the most improved sides in the league. Time will tell.


SCHOOL: Lake Fenton

HEAD COACH: John Hunter

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 13-5-2, 8-2-1 Flint Metro League (tied-third, 25 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Owosso (8-0); def. Flint Kearsley (5-2); lost in D-2 district finals to Linden (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Ava Roy, sr. D (All-League Second Team; signed with NCAA Division II Ferris State University); Emerson Baker, sr. D (All-League Third Team); Savannah Fellenbaum, sr. G; Jaidyn Rainney, sr. D; Addison Reitano, sr. M; Emily Urmanic, soph. M/F; Madison Teffner, soph. M/F Hannah Converse, jr. M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Ella Dye, fr. D

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: Lake Fenton is coming off a 13-win campaign and tied for third in the FML standings. The Blue Devils were a well-oiled offensive machine after outscoring the opposition 80-23. They also pitched 11 shutouts along the way to a berth in the district finals. Can Lake Fenton join Goodrich, Flushing and defending champion Linden for position at or near the top of the FML this season?


SCHOOL: Linden

HEAD COACH: Kevin Fiebernitz

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 18-3-1, 11-0-0 Flint Metro League (first, 33 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Def. Fenton (3-0); def. Lake Fenton (1-0, district finals); def. DeWitt (2-1, regional semifinals); def. St. Clair (3-0, regional finals); lost in D-2 state semifinals to Grosse Pointe North (1-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Allison Maienbrook, sr. M (All-State Honorable Mention; All-League Third Team); Olivia Mawwhinney, sr. D/M (All-State Honorable Mention; All-League First Team); Nicole Horst, sr. D/F/G; Madison Grondin, sr. D; Maddy Dewhirst, sr. M; Shaye Barkholtz, sr. M; Kati Roti, sr. M; Kaylee Modelski, soph. D (All-State Second Team; All-League First Team)

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Emily Barkholz, jr. D

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: After reaching the Division 2 Final Four for the second time in eight seasons and winning the Flint Metro League outright in 2023, Linden may step back a bit this season. The Eagles graduated a fine core of players and numbers are down to only 20 in the program. Linden already dropped a 6-0 decision to Goodrich in league play, which signals a possible rebuilding year and a changing of the guard in the FML. Linden has remained in the top three in the league for the past decade-plus.


SCHOOL: Ortonville Brandon

HEAD COACH: Rich Puleo

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 8-8-3, 4-5-2 Flint Metro League (seventh, 14 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Holly (2-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Emily Bourn, sr. D/M (All-League First Team); Hannah Puleo, sr. G; Lyndsay Claxton, sr. F; Reilyn McKinney, jr. M; Lauren Komeshak, sr. M; Haylee Allen, soph. M; Madelyn Darling, jr. D; Alexis Dean, sr. F

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Olivia Kentros, jr. M; Kaylee Nichols, jr. M; Sophia Sowles, sr. F; Mercades Goers, jr. M; Makenna Smith, sr. F; Annabella Trovato, soph. M; Natalia Marcet, soph. M; Madison Mc Alpine, soph. M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Ella Rizzo, fr. D; Evelyn McKinney, fr. F; Madeline McLaughlin, fr. D; Nyla Fahy, fr. F

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: The Blackhawks are another team that figures to be on the rise with a solid freshman class coupled with a large returning group. Brandon, Swartz Creek and Holly all hope to crack the top half of the league this year with improved teams. The Blackhawks outscored the opposition 42-32 last season with eight shutouts, but consistency was a problem as they were shut out nine times and finished 0-4-0 and scoreless against the FML’s top four teams.


SCHOOL: Owosso

HEAD COACH: Chris Bird

2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 1-16-0, 1-10-0 Flint Metro League (tied-10th, three points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-2 pre-districts to Lake Fenton (8-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Flavia Giuggioli, sr. M/F; Iszabelle Jameson, jr. G/M; Elizabeth McCroan, jr. F; Martina Oriti, sr. M; Irene Fernandez, sr. M; Rorie Babcock, sr. D/M; Karissa Potter, sr. D/M; Kara Yerrick, soph. D/M.

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Lily Davis, soph. M; Alisha Davis, soph. M/F; Onaleigh McVay, soph. M; Emily Easlick, jr. D; Abigail Roth, jr. D/M

KEY NEWCOMERS: Adeline Mahoney, fr. G/M; Jordyn Guru, fr. M/F; Kloe Shattuck, fr. M/F; Ainsley Lintner, fr. D/M

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: The Trojans struggled in 2023. But with a quality freshmen class infused with a large group of returnees Owosso hopes to add a few wins to its total this year.


SCHOOL: Swartz Creek


2023 OVERALL AND LEAGUE RECORD / FINISH: 9-8-4, 5-4-2 Flint Metro League (sixth, 17 points)

2023 STATE TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Lost in D-1 pre-districts to Clarkston (6-0)

RETURNING STARTERS: Sadie Locascio, sr. D (All-League First Team; signed with Delta College); Adrienne Walker, sr. D (All-League Second Team); Cameela Walters, soph. (All-League Third Team); McKenzie Sexton, sr. M; Taylor Easley, soph. D; Shelby Sain, sr. D; Emma Comeau, sr. F; Olivia Hawley, sr. M; Claire Michalczuk, soph. D

OTHER KEY RETURNEES: Josie Morris, jr. F/M; Natalie Dell, sr. F/M; Maddie Bueche, sr. F/M; Mila Walters, soph. G.

KEY NEWCOMERS: Taylor Gullett, soph. F; Macey Higgerson, soph. M/D

NOTABLES/OUTLOOK/COACH’S QUOTE: With a deep well of returnees and following a sixth-place finish in the FML, the Dragons look to challenge for a top-third finish in 2024. Swartz Creek has three returning players from the All-FML list back from last year and could be a surprise team this season. The Dragons opened the season 2-1-1 with a 12-4 scoring edge. Swartz Creek only outscored the opposition 27-23 last season, so it will have to find a way to score more goals this season if the Dragons are to contend with Goodrich, Flushing, Lake Fenton and Linden.






Maryn Rettenmund Linden sr.

Kaylee Modelski, Linden fr.

Olivia Mawhinney, Linden soph.

Sami Youmans, Flushing jr.

Aby Burnash, Flushing jr.

Clare Kowalczyk, Goodrich jr.

Emma Perry, Goodrich sr.

Savannah Reese, Lake Fenton sr.

Makenna Dreyer, Lake Fenton sr.

Madison Siezinski, Fenton sr.

Emily Bourn, Ortonville Brandon jr.

Sadie Loucascio, Swartz Creek jr.

Oliva Burke, Linden sr.


Chelsea Chambless, Linden sr.

Hannah Wasilewski, Linden sr.

Macy Fotenakes, Flushing jr.

Tessa Slogor, Flushing soph.

Raegan McBride, Flushing jr.

Addy West, Goodrich soph.

Ava Roy, Lake Fenton jr.

Shelby DeRidder, Lake Fenton sr.

Abbie Hill, Holly soph.

Adrienne Walker, Swartz Creek soph.

Ashlyn Hatch, Flint Kearsley sr.

Corra Tuller, Corunna sr.

Karsyn Farnsworth, Flushing jr.


Alison Malenbrook, Linden jr.

Amy Esterdahl, Flushing sr.

Izzy Bartlett, Goodrich jr.

Emerson Baker, Lake Fenton jr.

Molly Rees, Holly sr.

Bailey Britton, Fenton fr.

Isabelle Hearns, Ortonville Brandon sr.

Emma Comeau, Swartz Creek sr.

Maraya Dell, Flint Kearsley jr.

Gracie Perry, Owosso sr.

Emma Holmes, Corunna jr.

Autumn Wilkinson, Clio fr.

Cameela Walters, Swartz Creek fr.



.Ortonville Brandon – Eleonor Cox, sr.; Kylie Frantz, sr.; Clio – Madison Bartholomew, jr.; Harley Vanier, sr.; Corunna – Olivia Karanja, jr.; Jorja Napier, jr.; Fenton – Maddie Sheffield, soph.; Abbey Logan, sr.; Flushing – Alexis Woodbeck, soph.; Kayla Rousseau, fr.; Goodrich – Lucy Rafferty, soph.; Laelah Rafferty, sr.; Holly – Aina Trave, soph.; Ashley Sobczynski, soph.; Flint Kearsley – Amelia Sporman, soph.; Sarah Chambers, fr; Lake Fenton – Savannah Fellenbaum, jr.; Jaidyn Rainney, jr.; Linden – Ava Skinner, sr.; Nicole Horst, jr.; Owosso – Lily Usher, sr.; Leah Miller, sr.; Swartz Creek – McKenzie Sexton, jr.; Taylor Easley, fr.



Kevin Fiebernitz, Linden

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