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MSN is hiring a camera operator based in Michigan, Your key responsibility is working with multimedia journalists, planning team members and production staff in the media-gathering process.

The ideal candidate is an enthusiastic, talented and driven individuals, who will join the best and brightest in gathering, producing and delivering stories. Our commitment is to engage viewers with relevant, timely news that’s important to the global communities we serve.

The position requires strong skills in team work, following instructions, and time management. Candidates should also have a love for their craft and possess an incredible attention for detail.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Responsible for operating the camera to convey images for network broadcasts.

  • Responsible for correctly positioning and framing shots while reacting swiftly and accurately to director’s requests for live and pre-recorded productions.

  • Display technical skills across multiple key operating positions while adhering to high production standards.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


Desired Skills

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in both English 

  • Broadcasting knowledge preferred.

  • Live production experience a plus.

  • Editing experience a plus.


Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Pay: $20-$50 Per Hour

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